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Bible Gateway
Huge wealth of resources on this site, but it's famous for being the most extensive Bible online. Six different translations and nine different languages. Go here first.
directory of online texts, interactive Bible study, and reference material.

The World Wide Web Study Bible

Bill Foley's Bible History and Discussion
Confused about which book of the Bible is which? This page will help you.

Bible Browser

Bible: King James Version

Bible: Revised Standard Version

Blueletter Bible Project
With links to lexicons, concordances, conservative Christian commentaries, and searchable Bible dictionaries.

Online Bible
Free Bible software for download.

Bible Study
Concordance, Strong's Search and verse search (KJV)

The Intranet Free Form Bible Search

Alpha Net
easy way to read the King James Bible; includes a section on biblical prophecy.

Biblia Fala, A
Bible Study in Portuguese. Study the bible via Internet.

What the Bible Says About...
 Logos Research Systems, Inc.
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