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Bible-based Entertainment and Merchandising -- Home
Bible Trivia Site
Dozens of interactive Bible quizzes, updated periodically. Fantastic, challenging site.

Random Omegas
Weird game of Bible verse endings. Over 400 verses scrambled; can you find the proper endings? You gotta try this one!

Bible Tutor, The
strengthen your basic knowledge of the Bible through interactive self testing.

Bible Quizzes
on an assortment of topics, updated periodically.

Winona Lake Free Methodist Bible Quizzing
latest stats and photos from around the country. Offers online quizzing and chat room.

A rough draft of an incomplete story I'm currently working on. It's the story of the book of Ruth seen from Boaz' perspective.

Zondervan Publishing
Yep, they're the guys who're probably bringing you your Bibles. Lots of interesting info on this site, as well as (naturally) lots of chances to buy books.

DPI Books
Primarily merchandising, although they do host a page of 30 devotional works from their "Daily Power" series.

The Christian equivalent of the Doubleday Book Clubs -- there's something there for just about anyone of any denomination. Members can also access their accounts online.

Bible Society in New Zealand
news, views and anything else about the Bible and Bible work in New Zealand and elsewhere.