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The Shippers' Quote Archive

Don't forget, I'm always on the lookout for great 'Relationship'-related quotes from Charmed! I'll post any lines that you e-mail me, along with who said it, what episode it's from (you have to send me the information, 'cause I probably won't have a clue), and your name/e-mail address.

These quotes were taken from the Great Lines Charmed Page:

  • "I just wish I could get a live guy" - Piper
  • "Well, at least he was a step up from Jeremy" - Phoebe
  • "Yeah, warlock's don't always make the best boyfriends" - Piper
  • "Excuse me, what are you doing? I'm practically naked!" - Prue
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  • "At least you won't ever say: Honey, I think I froze the kids" - Piper
  • "No, I just moved them to another zip-code" - Prue
  • "But I will see them, find them, and bring them back safely" - Phoebe

  • "We both know the only reason I like Leo is because you do." - Phoebe to Piper (about Leo)
  • "Leave it to me to fall for a dead guy..." - Piper
  • "I only like Leo because YOU like him" - Phoebe to Piper
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