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Welcome to the Touched by an Angel fan forum! This is a place for all Touched by an Angel fans to kick back, relax, get to know each other and discuss any and all aspects of their favorite show. The forum is split up into several different sections:

  • Show-Related Discussion: Anything and everything related to the show itself.
  • Fan Fiction: Any stories, poems, songs, etc. you'd like to share, both those related to the show and those related to angels in general, feel free to post them here. Also, please make a note as to whether you'd like your work (completed works only, please) archived at the Creative Connection.
  • Angels Among Us: This section could also be called "True Stories of Touched by an Angel". We all have stories about the 'angels' that have worked in our lives, be they through the show or just through life in general. Share those stories here!
  • Della Reese: For anything and everything about our favorite head angel.
  • Roma Downey: For anything and everything about our favorite coffee-addicted angel of truth.
  • John Dye: For anything and everything about our favorite Angel of Death.
  • God and his Angels: This is in in response to several requests, spanning across several mailing lists, to have a place to discuss angels from a theological standpoint. All such discussion is welcome here, as long as you respect all viewpoints and honor the spirit of love the show has always tried to present.

The message board will not be moderated except for the considerations of moral decency (you start defaming or threatening someone and you will hear from me). Unlike the mailing lists, which have specific rules and regulations (I know, I'm the moderator for the fan fiction list), the board and chat rooms are open to all. When I have regular at-home Internet access I'll set up chat events after each new episode of TBAA. Otherwise, feel free to use the rooms on your own time.

If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me at