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The Art Gallery
Desktop Wallpaper

These graphics are set for an 800x600 screen resolution.  (Most graphic editors will allow you to resize images to the smaller or larger resolutions.)   To set the image as your current wallpaper, click on the thumbnail, wait for the image
to finish loading, then click on the image with your right mouse button to "Set As Wallpaper". (Netscape users--IE users, I have no idea what your equivalent would be.   Sorry!)  If you need to resize the image, follow the directions above but instead click on "Save Image As..." instead of "Set As Wallpaper".   Resize the image, load it into your browser, and proceed as above.

The Prince of Egypt Collection

i_sc08-1.jpg (44572 bytes) i_sce02.jpg (58786 bytes) i_sce03.jpg (82713 bytes)
i_sce10.jpg (62861 bytes) i_scenes11-1.jpg (40740 bytes) i_sce06.jpg (78515 bytes)

The Beauty and The Beast Collection

beauty1.jpg (72409 bytes) beauty2.jpg (51726 bytes) beauty3bw.jpg (51407 bytes) beauty5.jpg (66162 bytes) beauty4.jpg (122200 bytes)

Other Wallpapers

charmed1-1.jpg (36254 bytes) charmed2.jpg (46223 bytes)

believe.jpg (52067 bytes)
Please note:  This wallpaper
is 640x480.

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