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As Jim and Blair left the Library, Jim asked, "so what do you think, chief?"
Blair reassured his partner, "well, I think the reason that Willow panicked initially is because she's probably a hacker and thought we were there to bust her or something. She does, after all, seem like the nervous type, Jim."
Jim nodded his agreement to that. "Yeah, she does, doesn't she? Do you think she knows what happened to Michelle?"
Blair shrugged, "it's possible." He then caught the look in his Sentinel's eyes and guessed, "you think she does, don't you?"
"I think it's possible. But if she does know, then everyone in that room knows too, and didn't want to tell us. I was watching our 'spectators' when Willow panicked, and they all started to become real protective of her--like they all shared some big secret. And they all jumped a bit when we started to ask about the other victims, like they had an idea of what happened to them. Something's going on here, chief, and I want to find out what it is."
"So what next, Jim?"
"I'd like to go back to the station and take a look at the full case files on the recent victims. See if there's any connection between them."
"Sounds good to me. Lead on, MacDuff."
Jim groaned at the obscure literary reference as he opened the door to the truck.
Buffy caught the brief look on Giles' face as the two cops [correction, the cop and that grad student] were questioning Willow. Whatever he was thinking, he blew it off, but she wasn't about to let it go that easily. The minute the two men left she questioned her mentor, "Giles?"
He roused himself from his thought on the prophecy he was re-reading and focused on Buffy. "Yes?"
"What's your opinion of those two?"
"Hmmm? They're with the police department, and they're a little nosy."
"Ohhh no. I saw the look that blared across your face while they were questioning Willow. Now, spill it."
"Oh that? It's nothing?"
"Yeah right. It may be nothing, but it's more than we've got right now. What is it?"
The Watcher took off his glasses and cleaned them, trying to gather his thoughts. As he replaced the glasses he commented, "there's a chance, albeit a very slim chance…"
Buffy urged him on, "yes?"
"Well, there's a chance that Detective Ellison may be our 'Blessed Protector', but I couldn't tell from just meeting him this one time."
"Giles, that _isn't_ nothing! You were thinking that because of his partner, right? '…guided by wisdom and innocence…'?"
"Well, yes, but that doesn't make him entirely 'separate from the hunted', does it?"
Xander added, "and he doesn't seem all that particularly gifted to me, either."
"Still," declared Buffy, "Giles, you yourself said you couldn't tell from just meeting him this one time, and he may already fulfill one part of the prophecy, so I say that this warrants further investigation. And Giles, you're always telling me to trust my hunches, so maybe now it's time for _us_ to trust yours." She then turned to her computer-genius best friend, who was still searching for information on the Order of Ra. "Willow?"
She looked up from her computer, "yeah, Buffy?"
"Can you pull up the files of the Sunnydale PD and find out what kind of information we can get on these guys?"
"Sure." She opened another window and typed in the now-familiar codes to get into the Police Department database without anyone know