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Search & Rescue Round Robin -- part 4

by Deb Jacobson

Jim had a fitful sleep, his body continuing to be sapped of its energy. Sensing a familiar presence in his mind, Jim opened up to it warmth.

Seeing the panther materialize, Jim manage to form a thought. [How is]

[Your guide is safe and being watched over by the other Sentinel's spirit guide] the panther thought calmly.

Jim absorbed the thought before replying, [Mulder's here?]

[Yes.] the panther thought, his voice taking on a deadly seriousness to it. [Hear me out, Sentinel, for time grows short. The woman with you is bound by blood to the other Sentinel. Any knowledge of your connection with him may put both of you in danger. Until you are reunited with your guide, she will carry out his tasks for you.]

[Events that are to come will become worse before they improve. It will require all of your endurance to survive the tests that confront you from now on. Stay strong, Sentinel.]

Feeling his spirit guide drifting into the back of his mind, Ellison detected the foul smelling cigarette smoke and opened his eyes.

"Good Morning Mr. Ellison, if that's what it is. I trust you've slept well." the man said as another cloud of smoke filled the room.

As he sat up, his headache returned, causing Jim to groan, "Don't believe I have the same privilege of knowing your name." Jim said as he slid to a standing position. As Jim put his weight on his legs, he felt them give out from under him.

"We took the liberty of sapping the strength from your body. There's less chance of trying to escape from your new home. I have time on my side, as well as, the drugs. It should be interesting to see how long you can fight them."

"There will be others out looking for me, you can't hide from all of them." Ellison said as he accepted Samantha's help up.

"Oh but that's where you're wrong, Mr. Ellison. I would be disappointed if they did not try to find you." Just then, as two trays were delivered through a slot, the man continued, "Relax and enjoy your home cooked meal, I heard the food is unlike any around," he said before leaving.


By the time Agents Skinner, Scully, and Mulder arrived at their rooms, they had only a few hours to rest up. Blair was up and out of bed at 4:00. After checking over his gear, he made himself some herbal tea to rid the stress. He could feel the strain Jim was experiencing, "Hang in there, man." Blair whispered.

On the way over Scully let out a sigh, "What do you think are the chances of finding Jim are, sir?"

"Personally, I think it will be like finding a needle in a haystack, Scully," Skinner replied.

"I beg to differ sir," Mulder piped, "With the spirit guide, finding the place will be easy. Its getting to Jim and getting out that will be tricky."

Puling up to the Loft, the FBI Agents quickly transferred their tackle to the truck. Skinner and Banks rode with the equipment while the other three rode in the cab, opening the chance for checking the other out.

As Blair drove to their destination, he remarked, "What do you think they're talking about back there?"

"Us." Scully and Mulder said in unison.


Banks was the first to attempt a conversation, "So how's Mulder dealing with his new found Sentinel traits?"

"I'm afraid you'd have to ask Agent Scully about that. Mulder's relationship with me is purely a professional one." Skinner said.

"Uh-huh" Banks said, choosing to wait until Skinner opened the next line of conversation.


The van was making good time moving across the country. Taking shifts, the Gunmen either slept, read maps, or drove to make time. The car phone rang, waking anyone sleeping. "Hello?"

"Hi guys, where is your van situated now." Mulder asked on the other end.

We're going through the Dakotas right now, hopefully we will be there by nightfall."

"Right now we will be 20 minutes North of town. You'll see an old pickup at a wayside and you'll know where to wait." Mulder said.

"How's your friend?"

"Not good, but Blair has stayed in touch with him." Mulder said "See you tonight." As Mulder hung up he mumbled, "I hope they don't get any tickets along the way."


As predicted, Jim's will power finally gave out as the drugs took hold.

Curled up in a fetal position, Samatha slowly talked him through the onslaught of noise attacking him. "Relax Jim, slowly filter the sounds out, allow only how much you can tolerate. Good! Now the vision, open your eyes slowly."

Focusing on Samantha, Jim could hear the footsteps coming down the hall.

Entering, the cigarette man smiled, "Ready for your lessons Mr. Ellison?"


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