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Relationshippers' Association

dmd4c.jpg (11753 bytes) One thing that has been a key element of Charmed almost from the very beginning has been the relationships between the three sisters and the members of the opposite sex.  Whether those relationships have kept us on the edge of our seats (Piper/Jeremy,  Phoebe and her 'demon-of-the-week'), made us sigh at the sheer romance of it (Piper and Leo, Piper and Mark in Dead Man Dating), or have us convinced us that Aaron Spelling is a complete idiot (Prue and Andy), these relationships are part of the reason that, week after week, we keep coming back for more.
So if, for you, this is a major part of the reason that you watch Charmed, then this page is for you.  This page will feature anything and everything related to the Halliwell sisters and the men they love:
Pr/A Prue/Andy
Pi/M Piper/Mark
Pi/L Piper/Leo
Pi/J Piper/Jeremy
DOTW Demon of the Week
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Fan Fiction: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Pr/A)  by Laura Picken
(If you have any fan fiction you'd like to see featured here e-mail me!)

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